A Guide for La Latina: The Other Madrid Gayborhood

11 Jan

Madrid’s other pride festival: La Paloma in August in La Latina

Madrid has to be the gayest city I have personally ever visited (or lived in). The combination of live-and-let-live attitudes, forward-thinking laws and an extremely dense urban environment means that nearly everywhere you go, or look, you see a couple holding hands or a group of hot Spaniards drinking cañas. While the Chueca neighborhood is the main gay ghetto, I’d like to share what is slowly becoming another gay axis for the city: La Latina.

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Caceres: A (Somewhat) Hidden Jewel

19 Oct

A tower in the old city

Caceres, located in the far western Spanish province of Extremadura, is both one of the best preserved medieval cities anywhere and an off-the-beaten track destination. An easy 2.5 hour drive from Madrid, it is a fabulous place to spend a weekend. Unlike Toledo, another beautiful medieval city next to Madrid, visitors will find many more cultural and dinning options outside the ‘typical’ tourist centers.

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Madrid’s Foreign Food Offerings

29 Aug

Good foreign food in Madrid can be a bit of a challenge to find, both for eating out and buying ingredients to make tasty curries or pad Thai en casa. To help the situation, I have assembled this short, Asia-centric guide to some good restaurants and supermarkets.

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Papal Payola / Enchufe Eclesiástico

21 Aug

What a week it’s been in Madrid: hotter than Hades and full of pilgrims.

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The Costa de la Luz- the Beaches in Mazagón

15 Aug

I’m writing this in the Ave, Spain’s high-speed rail system, as it takes us from what has to be one of the most splendid, unspoiled areas of this wonderful country- La Costa de la Luz. Continue reading

Some great phrases/Unas frases buenas (Edición Bilingual)

11 Aug

These are some great idiomatic ‘castellano alto’ expressions for everyday use (or blog writing!) Use them to impress your friends.

We are multi-lingual scary things.

¡Mirad! Tenemos unas frases de ‘High English’ para usar día por día (incluso los blogs). Utilícelas para impresionar a tus amigos.

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Community-Controlled Spaces in Madrid

7 Aug

Madrid has changed a lot since I moved here almost five years ago. One of the things I really missed upon arrival were the public art spaces where people could go and perform or show their work. Spain (and Madrid) has world-class art museums but they are all ‘part of the system’ and state-sponsored. There was no where for up-and-coming artists to go and certainly no large ad-hoc cultural events. The closest thing were small shows in bars.  Continue reading